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Working dust-free

In certain situations it is important to work completely dust-free. With the IBIX® system it is possible to work dust-free at all times. Below the three options:


During wet blasting, the dry blasting medium is mixed with a water cone at the gun. The amount of this water is adjustable. Water provides a 100% dust-free working environment. Water also has a softening effect when facing brick or when removing graffiti, so that a better and smoother result can be achieved. This is the reason that when cleaning facades, water is always blasted. Wet blasting is less suitable for blasting steel because of flash rust that occurs immediately. Even though paint systems have been developed that are based on flash rust, applying a paint system to the bare clean steel is the very best.


With the IBIX® extraction mold it is possible to extract at the source (the gun). The extraction mold is attached to the nozzle, whereby a good construction vacuum cleaner provides the extraction. Extraction at the source is the ideal solution for small blasting work, which must be carried out quickly and without inconvenience. Blasting with an extraction mold has the disadvantage that there is no view of the result during blasting. This is no problem at all when blasting steel. With sensitive surfaces it is. That is why we recommend a different way of extraction in that case.


Working with an extraction mold can have a negative effect on the working speed on larger surfaces. When blasting larger objects and vulnerable surfaces such as wood / stairs, etc., we recommend working with a Spytze fan. Various tests have been carried out with this fan, for example in yacht maintenance and indoor blasting of stairs and kitchens. Completely dust-free work can be easily achieved with the right blasting media and often with minimal precautions. We are happy to advise you.