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Air gumming

Air gumming is a commonly used term that is used for a form of fine blasting. The term comes from the French aerogommeuse.

The term air gumming is often used in conjunction with wood stripping. Paint, varnish and wax layers are removed from wood without any damage.

In practice, air gumming is carried out with very fine abrasives such as Garnet 200/350 mesh. Practice shows that when blasting granules are pressed through a thin nozzle, a more aggressive impact is created on the substrate. Air gums use a very low pressure in combination with a large nozzle. The jet grain then gets a different flow, which creates a “gumming” effect without impact. Below are some other tips that positively influence the result.

  • The position of the gun to the ground is important. When you position the gun at an angle, the blasting grains do not have a straight impact, but a more scraping effect, which benefits your surface.
  • A slight twisting movement with the gun gives a rotation which also positively influences the angle of impact. This makes a difference, especially with facade cleaning and wood.

IBIX® has also developed the HELIX®. This is a swirl jet system for the very best results in many applications. As a specialist with many years of experience, we are happy to advise you.