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IBIX® Professional blastpots

IBIX® North is based in the Netherlands and responsible for delivery and after sales for the IBIX® system in Northern Europe and the UK. The IBIX® blast pot is the compact and professional blast pot for a wide variety of applications such as: air gums from wood such as furniture, stairs and kitchens. The success of IBIX® is not only due to the optimal support for maintenance, repair and after sales. The IBIX® blasting machine is the perfect machine for removing paint and rust from steel and all other metals. The advantages of the IBIX® air gum machine are: Compact, easy to carry, lightweight blast hose and gun. This blast kettle is therefore patented. We therefore give a 5-year warranty on the IBIX® blastpots.

This video shows how the IBIX® blast pot rusts easily and effectively and removes old paint layers from steel.

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