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Wood & furniture

In many cases, removing wax and paint from wood is a lengthy and tedious job. With the IBIX® system you are able to quickly remove paint from almost all types of wood without damaging the surface.


Some examples of the possibilities with the IBIX® system for furniture and wood are:

  • Removing paint and wax from furniture, stairs and kitchens etc.
  • Cleaning weathered wood (for example garden furniture)
  • Removing paint from eg wooden support beams
  • Roughening and cleaning of existing paint layers (without removing them completely)
  • Remove very thick layers of paint in a short time
  • Remove paint or wax from delicate ornaments without any damage
  • Clean carvings under low pressure


The advantages of processing furniture and wood with the IBIX® system:

  • Saves many working hours due to a very fast method
  • Always an excellent result for your work
  • No heavy physical strain
  • Also treat hard-to-reach places
  • Cheap method
  • Very easy to use



    Landgoed Voorlinden is located in the dunes of Wassenaar. A country house was built on the estate in 1912.

    The interior consists of a lot of oak, which is then finished to a dark brown whole.
    This estate was purchased in 2011 by Rotterdam's industrialist Joop van Caldenborgh (the founder of Caldic) with the aim of making his enormous art collection visible. The country house will become a restaurant and a museum has been built next to the country house.

    Because the dark colors form a gloomy whole, Joop has decided that the original oak color must be reappeared. As this is an immense task for the entire country house, various options have been tried, such as paint strippers and sanding discs.

    Ultimately, the IBIX® system came out on top with the combination of an IBIX® 25P HD and a Rotair MDVN 36AP. Not only can a good working speed be achieved with this. The oak wood is also fully respected so that a nice smooth finish is ultimately achieved. This enormous project was carried out under the own management of Caldic Collection and has now been successfully completed. Outside, various stone ornaments have also been cleaned with the IBIX® system.


    Gom-Magie is mainly specialized in blanching-decapating-pickling furniture and all kinds of other wooden interior objects such as doors, parquet, stairs, etc. using the technique of air gums. With the combination of an IBIX® 25 and GMA Garnet 200 mesh, Gom-Magie achieves fantastic results. The blasting of stairs is also one of the specialties of Gom-Magie. Solid stairs made of oak, for example, get a second life in this way.


    Straalwerk Noord is a household name in Groningen and the surrounding area. Many applications are blasted with the IBIX® 25P H2O. These are also frequently addressed when it comes to furniture and wood. Many wooden ceiling beams have a dark color and can give the interior a more sombre appearance. The blasting makes the original lighter wood color reappear, which gives the room a completely different image. For more information, visit


    Air Gum is an air gum company with the necessary experience in cleaning wood. Not only furniture, but also stairs and kitchens are cleaned without damage by the air gumming. With the IBIX® 25P HD Air Gum is able to clean both smaller and large objects. Cleaning parquet is also one of Air Gum's specialties. For more information, visit