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Soda blasting

Soda is 99% baking flour with a few additives to radiate. Soda originated in America. Soda blasting is seen by many people as the follow-up to conventional blasting because no damage is realized. This is the case for some applications, but not for all applications.


Soda is a very soft blasting medium, which means that any blasted surface is not damaged. Below are some examples where Soda is a good solution.

  • Removing paint from steel without any impact / damage to the steel
  • Remove graffiti from glass
  • Cleaning fat in industrial kitchens
  • Cleaning long-term pollution in public sanitary facilities
  • Many applications in the production / food industry such as cleaning molds etc.


The benefits of soda blasting with the IBIX® system:

  • No damage
  • Food-safe blasting media