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Rust removal

Removing old paint layers and rust from steel can be done in several ways. When these layers are removed by sanding, scraping or grinding, tiny rust particles are ground or sanded into the steel. Rust that has not been completely removed will always return.

With the IBIX® blast pot, the rust is completely removed and the surface is slightly roughened. This surface is called SA 21/2, which paint manufacturers give a guarantee on. By working with the IBIX® system you therefore have the certainty of a very durable solution and the best possible surface on which to apply your paint system.


Some examples of the possibilities of rust removal with the IBIX® system:

  • Removal of rust and roughening of the substrate
  • Removal of very hard, tough paint layers
  • Widely used in industry


The advantages of removing rust with the IBIX® system:

  • Remove rust without physical strain
  • Very effective and fast way of working
  • Perfect surface for a new coat of paint
  • No heavy physical strain
  • Also rust hard to reach places
  • Also removes stubborn rust
  • Fast and thorough removal of paint layers
  • Lightweight unit and easy to move